The Ringwood Buddhist Meditation Group Inc (RBMG) is a non-profit association formed in 2002.

Our purpose is to encourage the development of a philosophy of life based on the teachings of secular Buddhism relevant to the culture of 21st century Australia.

We welcome people of all backgrounds who earnestly seek peace, happiness and a greater understanding of their lives.

We are not affiliated with any specific religion or spiritual tradition.

Our focus is on teaching acceptance of all experience and the development of compassion and non-judgement. We practice mindfulness-based meditation including the breath, body, open awareness and loving kindness.

Through the cultivation of these qualities we can begin to experience greater peace within ourselves and towards others, resulting in less stress and anxiety and increased contentment and happiness in our lives.

What can you expect?

Firstly, it’s not so serious! We’re all there to learn a new meaning of happiness and with that comes a bit of banter, a bit of fun.

As a first timer you are welcomed into the meditation room by a small, friendly bunch seated in a circle. There are cushions, blankets and meditation stools available to help you get comfortable.

We generally start with some small talk and if you have anything to bring up about your practice during the week you are welcome to share.

After a short guided meditation leading into a silent period, everyone has the opportunity to share their experience. This is optional, however it’s the sharing afterwards that often brings the most insight into our practice. If you’re not feeling confident with sharing at the start, it’s a skill that usually develops over time.