26/12/1925 to 18/2/2012

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Thanks Bernie,
For your warm welcome
And bear hugs.
For the cups of tea
And Tim Tams.
For the wisdom.
For the infinite kindness and love.
For the wonderful conversations.
For your energy and enthusiasm.
For the jokes,
If only I had written some of them down!

Was a man that never lacked enthusiasm, energy or a bountiful supply of
genuine love and compassion.
All who attended RBMG were welcomed with open arms
and were greeted with an incredible sense of belonging.
Bernie was a friend, a confidant and most importantly a wonderful teacher to so many of us.
He taught us the way of the Buddha and lead us on the path to enlightenment,
he did this with great passion, wisdom, truth and always with a light heart.
You could always count on Bernie to share his knowledge even if that meant admitting
that sometimes life can be challenging and require hard work.
He never professed to being perfect but in our eyes he was ever so close.
Bernie always kept us on our toes with his quick wittedness and cheeky nature and
nothing was ever done without that incredibly contagious smile.
His warm and gentle nature will always be entrenched in our hearts and
his memory treasured for the rest of our days, he was a beacon of light for us all and we know
wherever he may be his light will shine the brightest.
Thank you Bernie for being a true and honest representation of life on this earth.


I feel truly blessed at having had the privilege of knowing Bernie over the last few years
as a teacher and a special human being. What an inspirational man.
Not for him a life of retirement; pipe,slippers and paper.
He continued to learn and to share his wisdom and to energetically engage with life.
I loved his openness about himself, his lack of ego,his wry sense of humour.
Thank you Bernie for being part of the tapestry of my life and adding to its richness.
I will miss you immensely. Viv

I was so sorry to hear of Bernie's death.
What a lovely man he was he will be sadly missed. Ken

Feeling very saddened to learn of the news of Bernie and appreciate you letting us know.
We will certainly miss him and feel very fortunate to have spent such lovely times in his company. Maureen

Very sorry to hear the sad news. I only met Bernie a couple of times.
He struck me to be a very kind, compassionate and generous person.
This is indeed a big loss for the meditation centre. Chen

I am so sad to hear the news about Bernie.
I suppose I thought he would live forever.
He was always so positive and glad to see everyone and so welcoming. Jen

Oh what a beautiful, generous person. Allways smiling, happy, joking and so very welcoming.
I too thought he'd live forever. He will be missed. Wilken

I'm so sorry to hear this Dina.
Bernie was a lovely, kind and gentle man and the world will be the poorer for his passing.
I'm glad he was with family and I hope he didn't suffer at the end.
If you are in touch with his family, please pass on my heartfelt condolences. Dorothy

I will miss Bernie, he has been a heart warming spiritual friend for 26 years.
He is one friend I can count on one hand with whom I have
laughed and laughed and laughed till I was crying.
His jokes, his wit, his self-deprecatory comments along with his
British sense of humour kept many in stitches of mirth and laughter. Karen

I am not very good at expressing my thoughts in words, spent whole yesterday contemplating Death.
I am just happy to have met Bernie , even though we just have a brief encounter. Sean

I find it hard to express the sense of loss I feel now that Bernie has gone.
His compassion, understanding and wonderful humour will stay with me always.
He was my first teacher going back a decade and the retreats
he organised with inspirational teachers were wonderful.
I wonder if he knew what an inspiration he was. I feel so fortunate to have known him. Cecily

I remember feeling confused one Tuesday evening as I had been looking for a
simple affirmation all day, that in itself would be powerful. When I arrived at RBMG Bernie told me that he had also been thinking of an affirmation
that would be suitable for the group and asked me what I thought.
Bernie's affirmation:
What else could I say except ~ Thank you Bernie, it's perfect!!! Marijke

Thanks Dina for letting us know about Bernie's sudden passing.
What a shock to us all....an amazing man.
I feel so privileged to have known him for the short time
that we had him guiding us so beautifully through meditation classes and the Buddhism classes.
Bernie will always be in my thoughts whenever I sit down to meditate. Susan

Thankyou and Goodbye Bernie
Every Thursday at 7.15 you were always there with a big smile.
Always listening to others and never talking about yourself.
You led each meditation session with the same calmness generating a comforting energy in the room.
Thankyou Bernie, you helped me so much.
I will miss you. Vicky

Bernie embodied the teachings of the Buddha.
He knew the texts and sutras, but more than that he lived them.
He helped me in so many ways with bringing the practice into my everyday life,
in such a practical and useful way.
Thank you Bernie for the times we spent together, on retreat and at your centre.
I will never forget you. Ginny

Anyone who looked into his intelligent caring eyes that twinkled with mischief,
could not help but be captivated.
He was a very spcecial person and will be sadly missed. Gerry

Bernie; an inspirational, timeless, warm, wise, kind and compassionate spiritual friend
and mentor who introduced me to the dhamma and how to integrate it into daily life.
This has enriched my life immeasurably for which I am eternally grateful.
Till we meet again! Wendy

Dearest Bhodisattva Bernie
Thank you for the love, wisdom, kindness and laughter.
I love you Bernie and will think of you always with a big smile.

Bernie's aura and enlightening persona were evident from the moment one first met him.
He was an example of how we should conduct ourselves with calmness and humility.
Once met never forgotten.
Kathy and Ron

I'll miss not having Bernie to turn to at the Ringwood Buddhist Meditation Group.
I saw Bernie late last year.
He was still conducting the meditation group with that resonating baritone voice.
It made the refuge, the precepts, and the "Sadu! Sadu! Sadu!" a great experience.
The many happy memories of Bernie stay with me. John Cunneen

You were my spiritual teacher and the father I would have chosen. You showed me kindness and you shared your wisdom - they were priceless gifts. Thank you for always making time for me and for showing me the way. I hope I can one day make you proud. I will always love you. Felicity

Be completely empty.
Be perfectly serene.
The ten thousand things arise together;
In their arising is their return.
Now they flower,
And flowering
Sink homeward,
Returning to the root.
The return to the root
Is peace.
Peace: to accept what must be,
To know what endures.
In that knowledge is wisdom.
Without it, ruin, disorder.
To know what endures
Is to be openhearted,
Following the Tao,
The way that endures forever.
The body comes to its ending,
But there is nothing to fear.